First for submission of property tax returns expired

Late last year, the original deadline to file property tax returns for all property owners was extended to January 31, 2023. This extended deadline has now also expired.

Bavaria is the only state so far to have extended the deadline for submission by a further three months to April 30, 2023. While not all states have officially commented yet, most will now grant a “grace period” for now. Within this, delinquent property owners are to be contacted by the tax authorities and reminded to file their tax returns. In addition, no late payment penalties are assessed as a matter of principle.

However, it is still recommended to file the tax return as soon as possible. The goodwill period is not an official extension of the deadline, but merely an equity provision of the tax authorities. In individual cases, this does not protect against the assessment of late surcharges or the estimation of property tax values.

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